Successful communication rests on a crystal-clear analysis of the starting position. We identify obstacles and drivers, and we refine the messages. The outcome is a concise strategy. From this we generate customized measures and go on to accompany their successful implementation.

Effective media work rests on its relevance to the present situation and current trends. We monitor the economic, political and societal issues pertinent to our clients. We utilize positive trends with targeted measures or – if necessary – take countermeasures. We provide editorial support, look for strong senders and place the appropriate “stories” with the right media. In this way we attract the necessary attention and raise public awareness of the given problem regarding our clients’ concerns.
Opinion-forming has shifted to the digital sphere. An effective online campaign requires content and propagation. Smart digital strategies are essential today. We create our own newsrooms and play on social networks with content that ticks all the right boxes. With targeted evaluation, analysis and constant adjustment, we make sure the messages reach our target public.
Political decisions have a major impact on companies and associations. For this reason, companies and associations seek to raise awareness of their concerns among political decision-makers and disseminators. We provide support in lobbying political decision-makers. We take a goal-oriented approach, tailored to the client’s needs, to analyse and organize relations with all relevant stakeholder groups.
Referendums are an essential part of Swiss politics – at national, cantonal and communal level. As campaign experts, we understand the mechanisms of opinion-forming: from lobby organizations, parties and parliaments through to plebiscites. Our services range from analysis through the development of a strategy to overall implementation of major referendum campaigns.
Dialogue with the population and with stakeholders from business and associations is a central concern for authorities. We support the Executive and Administration in the design and implementation of comprehensible communications. In this way, we ensure that important projects do not remain stuck in the pipeline and the authorities are perceived in a positive light.
Every crisis escalates in a different way. It is always the reputation that suffers. We provide our clients with rapid, uncomplicated and cautious support in finding their way through the media thicket. Our many years of media experience is the basis for successful navigation through the crisis. We produce crisis manuals for preparation purposes and, together with our clients, also hold crisis reviews and crisis training sessions. These also include individual media training and training for public appearances.
Good contacts and sustainable relationships are the basis for successful lobbying. Those who have direct access to federal offices, the administration and parliament have an advantage. Knowledge of the mechanics and levers of political decision-making is essential. We have access to all politically important stakeholders at national and cantonal level. We are happy to guide your political concerns carefully through the administration and parliament to ensure your success.